Thursday, March 3, 2016

How our Program Works!

Are you interested in sponsoring a child through Manna 4 Lempira?

Here are a few quick facts!

  • We operate in partnership with Sowers 4 Pastors to support the ministry of over 140 local churches in the mountains of western Honduras.
  • Sponsorship is $15 per month. It provides your sponsored child with 2 nutritious meals per week through the local church, school shoes, school supplies, discipleship, and other benefits throughout the year.
  • In addition, sponsorship provides 2 nutritious meals per week for up to 60 children in the general feeding program of 12,000 children at 140 churches in other parts of Lempira.
  • Our ministry page can be found on Facebook at:
  • We have three programs: Mercedes, Mi Betania, and Tablon. Here is a little information about each program: 

  • Sponsors are able to build a relationship with their children through letter writing.

The first step is to choose your child from one of our albums of waiting children. Please follow these links to view children who are waiting for a sponsor:

Tablon Program:

Mi Betania Program:

Mercedes Program:

The next step is to contact page administrators Kim and Jonathan Hall via the Facebook Page or by email at with the name and the number of the child you are interested in sponsoring. After they confirm that the child is available for sponsorship, you should then set up payment through the Foundation for Missions

To make payment, click on the link above. Select "Donate to a Program or Project." Select "Manna 4 Lempira" from the drop-down menu. After you enter your email address, options will pop up to enable you to set up donations weekly, monthly, every three months, or yearly! It is important that in the additional comments box, you write "Manna 4 Lempira, Sowers, Honduras" to ensure that funds are directed to our ministry!

Step 3 is to submit your mailing address and email to Kim and Jonathan for records. They will then send out your child's profile and high resolution photos. Here are a few examples of what you will receive!

The Final Step is to start writing! You will receive letters from your sponsored child via US mail, and your child will be hoping to hear from you! Here are our guidelines for correspondence. Letters are due on the 5th of the odd numbered months--January, March, May, etc. 

Special invitations to send packages and other treats will be announced via our page and by email. Periodically, you will receive extra photos of your child when teams visit with our missionary partners!

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  1. Help! Our house is in chaos during a remodel and I have lost all of my information about my sponsored child Nelson (Betania #068). I have a letter to send him but (a) don't know the mailing deadline, and (b) don't have the address of where to send it. Please e-mail me at Thank you!