Friday, December 4, 2015

Welcome to Manna 4 Lempira!

We are a small sponsorship organization working in partnership with the Sowers 4 Pastors Missionaries in the department of Lempira, Honduras.

The Sowers are missionaries whose primary goal is to assist and equip the Honduran pastors who are evangelizing the mountain people of western Honduras by planting churches and discipling the new believers. They operate a meal program to battle malnutrition in over 100 churches across Lempira, serving more than 12,000 children 2 nutritious meals per week.

One of these meal programs is operated out of the Mercedes Congregational Church. This church serves more than 300 children two nutritious meals per week as they attend Bible class. 

Our children live in the small mountain village of Mercedes. Mercedes is a small community in the Department of Lempira, Honduras. It is located 12 miles from the main road through Las Flores, on the slopes of Celaque, the highest mountain in Honduras. Some of the children walk an hour or more from their homes to receive meals and attend Bible class.

Most people in this community are employed as seasonal field laborers, planting and harvesting coffee. During the harvest months, workers can earn about $20 per day. The harvest season lasts between 2 and 3 months. The income earned is the only cash incomes most families have for the year. They supplement their food supply by farming.

Children in Mercedes face many challenges. Insufficient shelter, food, clothing, and medical care are common. Children who are able to attend the local public schools struggle to afford the required uniforms and school supplies. Many young people drop out of school after 6th grade to work in order to help support the family. Common health problems include parasitic infestations, asthma, respiratory illnesses, and malnutrition.

Your support will provide your sponsored child with two meals each week, provided through the ministry of Sowers 4 Pastors to your child’s church. Your child will receive school supplies, two pair of shoes, and Bible teaching. In addition, your support will supply 2 meals per week for 60 other children in the Sowers feeding programs in other parts of Lempira.

Child photos and profiles will be updated once yearly, with periodic photos as teams visit the feeding center.

The cost of sponsorship is $15 per month per child. To view children who are waiting for sponsors, please visit:

To sponsor, contact Kim at


send a message through the Manna 4 Lempira Facebook page 
referencing the number of the child you are interested in supporting. 

Please do not make a payment for a child without first sending a message to confirm that the child is available. 

To make a sponsorship payment:

ALL Donations are tax deductible!

Mail a check:
Make payable to:
The Foundation
PO Box 560233, Orlando, FL
32856-0233 USA.

For online and payments by check, please include a note that says:

“Sowers Family Honduras Child Sponsorship, Child number ________.”

Please remember that you are also able to support your child by writing him or her encouraging letters. For information about correspondence, please contact Kim, who will send you a correspondence information sheet!

You may:

· Send paper mail, photos, and paper gifts—coloring pages, stickers, etc.

· Email letters and photos

· Send a package to your child in our Gifts for Gracias Christmas campaign.

Correspondence is limited to one page per month. You may attach up to 10 photos to paper letters and 3 photos to emailed letters.

You will receive 4 letters per year from your child. Please remember that translation and delivery to this rural area will take time. When possible, you will receive photos of your child with your letter or package when it is delivered.